Monday, May 21, 2007

What I have been busy with lately

Here are some more pictures of what I have been up to these last few days. As I am busy preparing for our trip Down Under and need some gifts for the "gift giving" for the nieces n nephew and all the rest of the family. It took a couple of days to make all these 8 fabric boxes, I hope they will appreciate them. The Pink and white Panda Teddy is for the Batmitzvah girl, I hope she will like her too. Slowly, I am getting ready, need to do all this before Yom Tov comes in so we will be ready to leave as soon as it come out on Wednesday night, tight squeeze for packing and everything else.
chag Sameach,
Bye for now

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Operation Embrace and patchwork pieces

Last night we had a very interesting experience. My dear friend Aviva Tessler is very involved in a project called Operation Embrace which helps victims of terror throughout Israel in some way or another be it through money donations. help with medical supplies/treatments/getting to and from, buying special equipment and many other ways of helping people in need.
She has an army of social workers and friends helping people in all walks of life through their personal pain of dealing with this stress of loss one way or another.
We were privilaged to go last night with her and a few of her friends to meet with some of these people at an evening of dinner and supposedly song and general good cheer seeing as it was also Yom Yerushalaym as well.
we eventually arrived at the appointed destination which was a Kibbuts just outside of Sderot calld Kibbutz Dorot. On the way there we saw a colomn of smoke and heard on the news there had been a rocket attack from nearby Gaza.(not an uncommon occurance in these parts apparently). On arrivial some of the folk who were supposed to join us did not come in the end due to this rocket attack.
During the course of the evening a number of rockets fell on Sderot and many people were becoming anxious. So we started the evening with the dinner, and then Aviva handed out envelopes to the families to help them financially in some way. and the evening quickly dissolved in anticipation of everyone getting home.
All in all about 15 rockets fell on Sderot last night and a number af people were lightly injured with one serious casualty. But it was for us a very emotional and stressful evening as we had not gone through such close proximity to such events before, "safe" in our town of Ra'anana. Only hearing about such events on the news. This was certainly an eye opener for all of us there last night , and a wake up call to us about the situation in Israel in general.
May "H" give us (our army) the strength to deal with this aggression in the way that it should be dealt with, speedily, accurately, and finally, one way or another.
Seeing as how I am a quilter and write mostly about quilting and patchwork, and my labels are quilting and patchwork. I have started to make the quilts for the 2 nephew's barmitsvah's coming up later this year. pulling out all me stash of homespun fabrics and givin their quilts avery masculine look. so far I have only managed two blocks of one quilt and will try and make one a day for the next 10 (working) days. As well as this I found somewhere in a box of scraps some really ugly uglies in bright reds and purples, and thought of a challenge to use these up. Which I have succeeded in doing. I am making small 4 patch squares then using my quiltsmart, quarter circles (similar but not quite the same as drunkards parth) in white circles so that only a small portion of the 4 patch blocks shows. Also known as snowballs. As soon as I have something worth showing I will post the pictures. So, better go sew.
Bye for now.


Friday, May 11, 2007

What's on my design wall this week. The central portion of the Chuppah I am making is up, after sewing it together it needed another row so it is now 6 by 7. and it is more square. I have put it away for a while and will continue with it when we return from our trip to Autralia part 1.

I am, at the moment making some more fabric bowls, I find they are great gifts, quick and easy to put together. we have an 80th birthday for a dear aunt next week, but knowing me, I don't just make one at a time , I need to go and make a few more.

We also have some great news this week. We are expecting... Yes that's right, but not that kind of baby. All being well PG some time in July we take delivery of our new Gammill longarm quilting machine and Statler stitcher. I feel just like Motel in Fiddler on the Roof. Can you imagine how excited we will be when it actually arrives, I have been keeping myself very busy in my head with daydreaming. She is a she but I have not yet found the right name for her. We will have a welcoming party and I will keep everyone here posted. This is a first for Israel and I know that many quilters here will be pleased to know that yes we will be taking commissions to quilt your quilts, eventually. I will be teaching 2 other friends how to use the machine so there will be no holdups when we are away. I do not have enough words to thank by beloved Hubby for this special gift nor enough hugs, kisses etc., etc.,

So till next week, Shabbat Shalom,

Bye for now


Friday, May 4, 2007

Hello everyone,This week on Tuesday we had our monthly quilting meeting which I co-hosted with Zvia while Marlyn (the present Chair) is away. Up till now all the pictures I have taken of the show n Tell's have been posted to my webshots pages. I am thinking of changing and splitting up the address for the "Accent Quilters" and events and giving them their own page So you all can go directly there and see your quilts as well as the minutes and any other information coming from the meetings.As you can see I have completed the top of this quilt, It will go onto the pile of "quilts to be quilted". At the moment I am in the creative mode. Which always seems to happen to me just before we travel or something comes up that will prevent me from sewing in my studio for a while, so I have another couple of weeks before we leave for one week to Australia for a family batmitzvah. That reminds me ,I had better complete her teddy bear gift before I leave, I only need to give the bear some eyes and she is done. then I will post the picture of the latest bears.
That's all for today. Shabbat Shalom
Bye for now