Sunday, November 11, 2012


Now that the "Quilts for Benji" project is complete, I have had some time to catch up on making my own projects, or, as this one shows, finishing a quilt I started a while ago.
The last picture shows the whole quilt completed, but these pictures show what I managed to do with it.
Each "Block " is a Tumbler block, ie, narrow at the top, wider at the bottom, and visa-versa. some are pieced and some are applique'd, each pieced block has a partner as this was a "Block of the month" quilt. I used all sorts of different designs in each different block, and had a good time playing with different ideas. Most of the designs I used were from One Song andAnne Bright. I learned quite a lot during this process, but still have lots more to learn about the Creative Studio program.

We are presently visiting Australia and I have had the privilege of taking a personal class with Joanne Knott. from her I learned new tricks that I hope to implement in future quilts. Thank you Joanne. 

 I used repeat patterns, sashing, motifs and e2e's, p2p's and all sort os different patterns in these blocks

The borders are from One Song's Dogwood designs and I managed to manipulate them to fit these odd shaped sides.

This picture is from the top and bottom of the quilt, notice the birds.

I laid the quilt on my bed in order to try and take a picture of the whole quilt, not the best picture, but I will hang it and take some more soon.
This quilt has a very masculine feel to it because of the fabrics which are the Daiwabo textiles from Japan. and the taupe colors are just so calming, I loved every minute of working with this quilt, Mistakes and all, I managed to fix it to my liking.

Hope you all enjoy the tour of this quilt.
till next time
Take care

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

These pictures speak for themselves, it was an amazing day with a wonderful turnout of my friends who have been working with me throughout the year in order to make this project something special.
it has been a heartwarming project that we have all benefitted from in one way or another. Today I made a lovely lunch served in the succah as a thank you to everyone for their participation. we ended our day with a display of all the quilts on the fence. here are some picture for everyone to enjoy.

Monday, October 1, 2012


I am please to announce that this project, which was started exactly a year ago, will be completed on wednesday 3rd October 2012, with another sew-inn in order to sew on the labels on the back of every quilt.
Not all the quilts will receive a label as we need sponsors to help cover some of my costs in order that  we will not need to use any money from the "Benji" funds. We still have some quilts that need sponsoring, 
Anything from 250NIS and upwards will certainly be appreciated and your name will go on the label as a sponsor. After Wednesday I will download some new pictures from the day and many of the quilts will be on display. I will be providing a lunch in the Succah for everyone who comes to help. It should be a fun and wonderful day. 
All in all this has been a very special project for those of us involved in making these quilts. Thank you to each and every one for taking the time to make this dream a reality. I know that it has been a "Feel Good" project for us all and we look forward to seeing these quilts on the new beds in their new home which will be completed within the next two months. How exciting is this.....

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Here is a link to an article recently written in the El Paso Times news featuring my friend Susy Rothschild who came to visit her family here in Israel. She came to visit me too, during which time I introduced her to the Quilts for Benji project, which in turn inspired her. She then went home and introduced the project to her local quilt friends. They were all happy to participate in making a quilt top for us.
Which in turn caught the eye of a family friend also from El Paso, who was inspired to continue this thread and write an article for the Times of Israel news.

I hope these two articles will help us too, in that we are in need of some financial assistance to help cover some of our expenses.
For our friends who have already donated, thank you, we could not have done this without you.

please visit their website  go to their "Foundation" page, there is a note on the left side with information to make a donation.

Come back and visit soon, more picture to come as we continue to complete the quilts, the "done" piles are growing.

Many thanks to everyone,
Till next time,
Take care

Sunday, April 8, 2012


 At our local quilt shop Pissott, run by Erez and Nurit Kapara, I recently had the opportunity to talk about the Quilts for Benji project and show and tell some of the completed quilts and even some not yet completed quilt tops. I also showed and spoke about the longarm quilting service we provide and used some of our own quilts to show different styles of quilting. I was assisted by my friend and quilting partner Carol who has put a lot of time and effort into helping us with backing and binding and quilting many of the quilts. here are some pictures from the talk. ENJOY.
Many of the quilt ideas were taken from various sources from the internet from sites like: Moda Bake shop, All people Quilt, Various fabric houses like Hoffmans, Benartex, Michael Miller, offer wonderful  free patterns. so for more information and other wonderful ideas, browse these sites.

Our flagship quilt the first design we made

a variation made by Carol

Carols expertise, the backings, 

Another of our early designs, we love this one as we get two for the price of one.

Designs taken from the book "Happy Hour"

A quilt made for us using the cover quilt from the book Happy hour

Backings for the quilts donated to us from Pissott 

Man of my ideas come from the internet and reworked to suit our needs

another great idea quilt works well for us.

Made three of these, a little more complicated than most of the design, this is a Michael miller design.

Bento box kept in their own squares looks really good too.

A quilt from Adele Rubin sent to us from the USA.

A quilt by me using just 10inch squares

Another quilt by me using a stack of pre-cuts from Australia.

This wastaken from the internet too called Watermelon Shuffle, originally a baby quilt, reworked for a twin sized quilt .

Talking about soft edge applique and free motion quilting

Carols Round Robin showing off various quilting styles.

we even have a mention in a new book about Jewish fibre Art, in an chapter written by Shelly Black, what a surprise to flip though it and see my name pop out at me. (more details about the book to come).
Some of the guests who attended the talk took pictures too, so keep a look out on Pissott's page and here for more about the day.
More to come after another marathon day here tomorrow whenwe will be cutting, cutting and cutting some more to make more kits, we are into our last 20 quilts (yes there will be a few extras :).
So, till next time,
Take care,