Sunday, November 11, 2012


Now that the "Quilts for Benji" project is complete, I have had some time to catch up on making my own projects, or, as this one shows, finishing a quilt I started a while ago.
The last picture shows the whole quilt completed, but these pictures show what I managed to do with it.
Each "Block " is a Tumbler block, ie, narrow at the top, wider at the bottom, and visa-versa. some are pieced and some are applique'd, each pieced block has a partner as this was a "Block of the month" quilt. I used all sorts of different designs in each different block, and had a good time playing with different ideas. Most of the designs I used were from One Song andAnne Bright. I learned quite a lot during this process, but still have lots more to learn about the Creative Studio program.

We are presently visiting Australia and I have had the privilege of taking a personal class with Joanne Knott. from her I learned new tricks that I hope to implement in future quilts. Thank you Joanne. 

 I used repeat patterns, sashing, motifs and e2e's, p2p's and all sort os different patterns in these blocks

The borders are from One Song's Dogwood designs and I managed to manipulate them to fit these odd shaped sides.

This picture is from the top and bottom of the quilt, notice the birds.

I laid the quilt on my bed in order to try and take a picture of the whole quilt, not the best picture, but I will hang it and take some more soon.
This quilt has a very masculine feel to it because of the fabrics which are the Daiwabo textiles from Japan. and the taupe colors are just so calming, I loved every minute of working with this quilt, Mistakes and all, I managed to fix it to my liking.

Hope you all enjoy the tour of this quilt.
till next time
Take care