Thursday, January 5, 2017



Tis beauty was a Kit purchased a few years ago on a trip to USA
completed at the beginning of the year. It hangs in the
Studio during Spring.

This quilt now resides over the back of the living room couch
a jelly roll quilt.

Started on vacation at the end of December 2015
 completed early in the year

Saw this pattern and loved it, made it for a gift for our lady
Mariya, who looks after Mum.

Closeup of the quilting

Leftovers from the previous quilt,
I never throw away the cut off  corners.
now I just need to finish it up.

A one fabric quilt pattern with background

Layout of the quilting patterns I used in the(very) PINK quilt

Our beloved Rabbi, fell ill so we made him a
comfort quilt with lots of good wishes

Dearest Rabbi, Your memory is a blessing to us all
our hearts are saddened by your loss.

Last years birthday gift for my Sister in law.
Foundation pieced, twas fun to do for a change.

A new baby nephew residing in Australia,
a gift for you, a quilt and utility box

not a great picture but a great quilt. My Clam shell quilt from a
magazine loved making it took ages but well worth the time.
machine pieced but constructed by hand.
 (Thanks to those babysitting hours.)

Lots of charms, quilt made for a wedding gift.
I thought I had made a dent in my stash ???

Another Quilt for Benji's house, they added on another floor,
 more quilts for our lone soldiers.

Made and donated to Benji's house for lone soldiers.

Thank you Julie from Jaybird Quilts for this beautiful pattern, loved making this stunning quilt.

Another comfort quilt made for a lovely lady,
May she rest in peace

a new pattern from a fabric company, found this
fabric of Australian wildflowers, it was perfect.

Now I have to quilt this baby.
Lots of patterns to chose from as the blocks are nice
and big.

Last but not least a quilt for Hubby, a mistake gone right.
so, don't ask me how I did it, I can't remember.
A layer cake pattern
from Jenny Doan originally,
 then some playing around with cutting and turning.

Monday, February 16, 2015

Art Challenge day 4 and day 5


Trying to get everything the same as on the Facebook page has proven to be impossible, so here are all the last few pictures together.

 Meet Bernice and Keren bear, these two bears now reside with me, and named after two of my closest and dearest friends. Most of the Movibears are named after my friends and family.

This quilt is called "Anita's Arrowhead", designed by my friend Anita Grossman Solomon, It grew and grew. a great quilt for all those scraps, did I really think it would made a dent in my stash Huh! where from.....
Another quilt made for a wedding gift  for a family member, this quilt resides in Sydney Australia with my niece.

This quilt uses a packet of 10inch squares from my Japanese collection which I love.


This charming quilt uses a folding technique in order to create the curved look, and was gifted to my daughter.

This colorful star quilt was also mode on my vacation  and is large enough to be a chuppah too. It is madewith many batik fabrics, the pattern was bought for me by a friend, and another friend helped lay out the stars, it is my "Friendship Star quilt"

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Art Challenge day 2 and day 3


The Chuppah

This Chuppah was made for our Shivtei Israel synagogue to accompany the new Sefer Torah that was written by our members, It belong to the Shul now, but I keep it at home with me. Both our children were married under it, as well as some dear friends, it is available for hire at the cost of a donation to the shul.

The Missouri Star Quilt Company and Jenny Doan have a wonderful youTube they put out every week using  pre-cut fabrics and great idea on how to use them. This is one of those quilts using 10inch squares, and making these magical sew, cut, sew designs. this charming quilt used one "layer cake, plus a few extras background yardage and one jelly roll for the outer border. I completed the border  by making it a wavy edge and piecing the corners to make it go around. looking forward to springtime to put it on my bed. This quilt lives with me in Israel.
This beauty was gifted to my Daughter Jaqui and Marc.
It is the first of a series of Stack n Wack quilts I made.
it resides in Israel. 


Meet the Movibears 

 I have been making bears since before quilting came into my life so I thought to share some of them with you. Many of them have found new homes, but I do still have a few living with me, and some I know where they are living. My bears are only named after they are completed as I never know how they will turn out till they are done.
Meet Professor Dubi (dubi is a hebrew word for bear) and his little friend., little friend has a new home.
This cute Chap I named Blueberry, his fur is white but tipped with blue. and he is gorgeous. I gave him to the Netball Association of Israel for their fundraising a few years ago.
Meet Douglas, He is my big baby Kodiac Bear and lives with me in my room. He is the largest bear in my collection and the sweetest. He wears a collar with a bell in case he gets lost when out fishing,

Facebook Art Challenge

day 1.

I was recently invited to post pictures on facebook as there is this "Art Challenge" going around, three posts a day for 5 days., I accepted,(something I don't normally do). here are the posts and their explanations:

This was a wedding gift I recently made for my daughter's sister in law, Stacy and Mica. I was from two jelly rolls and I made it up as I went along, was not sure how it would turn out. I used up every bit of the fabrics I could in order to make it larger, and all the extra pieces went into the borders. I loved how it turned out, it has a clean colorful, modern look about it. This quilt lives in London

This beauty was gifted to my son and daughter in law Russell and Anna as their wedding gift. The original pattern was from an Australian magazine and I bought the kit of oriental prints. This was made on one of my holidays in Wilderness South Africa. It took two weeks to piece. My fondest memory is of Natan on his hands and knees removing all the sticky labels. This quilt lives in Israel.

This quilt was my own design, it is also a gifted wedding present. The bride had just become an architect.  I was into the cubism stage at that time hence this quilt. It is mirror imaged and reversed. I had a lot of fun trying different ways to set it out, and used up all the leftovers in the border. Another vacation quilt. This quilt lives in South Africa.

Thursday, January 1, 2015


Three  special quilts were made for the three families who's beloved sons were brutally and senselessly murdered at the beginning of the summer of 2014 which triggered a devastating war, but also brought our peoples together in many special ways. Many people contributed blocks to show solidarity and the quilts were put together by the quilters of Quilting Corner situated in Betar Illit Israel. visit for more about them and their wonderful work.
 We had the privilege of quilting these quilts and adding the labels on the back. Carol (on the right) and I completed them with a  quilting design called Hearts Surfing, we thought that appropriate for these quilts.

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


This past year we (Zvia Carol and I) have become the new chairpersons for our quilting group "The Accent Quilters" in Herzlia Israel, and have taken on the project started by our previous chairladies who, during their time collected many UFO's and Orphan blocks from us all. During Succoth (September) we invited the 8 Girls who are "At Risk" from their home to come and join us and help us to make them a personal quilt for themselves. At first they were very skeptical, and had no clue as to what we were trying to do. We had a couple of meeting were they chose some of the blocks that appealed to them, and we started the process of putting them all together. This was a great challenge for us too, as we have not really done such piecing before. but we all learned a great deal during this process. We invited the girls to come to the studio and see "Sadie" and to chose their own quilting design. below are the quilts we made, and some of the girls receiving their quilts.
They were overcome with delight and could not really show how they felt, this is a first for them that someone else has done something special just for them. We all had a very "Feel Good" experience.
and felt we had achieved something special for Special Girls.