Friday, April 4, 2014

Some more completed quilts from 2013/4

I have managed to post a few more pictures of some more quilts that I have recently completed.
This is the beauty of having my own longarm machine. QUILTS GET DONE, then added to the pile of ever growing completed quilts that have nowhere to go (yet)
This first quilt, a rather large braid was for a thank you to a very dear friend who has been my "early morning coach" for the last few years, my mantra being "My day starts with an hour of Julie" unfortunately i have not been going and my body is not happy, but, I do manage to still walk the doggy and keep moving. Life has changed a lot over the past year. and circumstances are different, and we are still in touch, I will get back to her eventually.

Stay tuned more pictures of more quilts to come soon.

This is one of 5 quilts I started on our end of year vacation in South Africa, at my log cabin home in the glorious region of "Wilderness " along the east Cape coast. I managed to piece 4 and a bit tops while there and have managed to complete them all, just not taken many pictures of them all yet.

                                                      This one below is a wedding gift, quilt design is Lotus from Jaybird                                                          quilts, fabrics from langa lapu South Africa

                                                   The Barmitsvah boy received his quilt a year later, better late than never, I am happy to report he is eager to get a good night's sleep at the end of the day.

                                                    This was another 'just for fun' quilt with some yoyo's just for fun.

                                                   Delectable Mountains quilt, before quilting.

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