Friday, May 11, 2007

What's on my design wall this week. The central portion of the Chuppah I am making is up, after sewing it together it needed another row so it is now 6 by 7. and it is more square. I have put it away for a while and will continue with it when we return from our trip to Autralia part 1.

I am, at the moment making some more fabric bowls, I find they are great gifts, quick and easy to put together. we have an 80th birthday for a dear aunt next week, but knowing me, I don't just make one at a time , I need to go and make a few more.

We also have some great news this week. We are expecting... Yes that's right, but not that kind of baby. All being well PG some time in July we take delivery of our new Gammill longarm quilting machine and Statler stitcher. I feel just like Motel in Fiddler on the Roof. Can you imagine how excited we will be when it actually arrives, I have been keeping myself very busy in my head with daydreaming. She is a she but I have not yet found the right name for her. We will have a welcoming party and I will keep everyone here posted. This is a first for Israel and I know that many quilters here will be pleased to know that yes we will be taking commissions to quilt your quilts, eventually. I will be teaching 2 other friends how to use the machine so there will be no holdups when we are away. I do not have enough words to thank by beloved Hubby for this special gift nor enough hugs, kisses etc., etc.,

So till next week, Shabbat Shalom,

Bye for now


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