Monday, July 9, 2007

I am back

Yes I know it has been a while since I last sat down to write, not that I have not tried, but I seem to now have managedto get some pictures uploaded and I am finally geetting it right, I think, I still need to learn a thing or two. I will direct you all to my webshots pages where all my pictures are anyway. Info at the end of this blog.

We have been very busy travelling lately, especially to Australia for simcha's. In May we were there for the batmizvah of a niece. and came home again for 3 weeks. In June we went again this time with all the family for a wedding and a special birthday. all the family get togethers were just great and we had an amazing time all round.
My two quilt gifts were a great success. beautifully quilted for me by my new friend and quilter Lyndall woods in Sydney at Norwest quilting. It was fun to go and collect the quilts and I enjoyed feeding the birds of which there were many of those funny white parrots with their yellow plume feathers on top of their heads, quite cheeky they were when it comes to food, there were some other lovely birds in her back yard that day.

All round the time we spent with family in Sydney was very special, and we look forward to hosting them here soon when it will be the 2 nephews barmitzvah's here in October and November. (of which I am busy making quilts for). So many quilts to make...... not enough time to quilt, but soon hopefully that will be fixed, that is, if we don't stop travelling around so much.

We are counting the hours now till the "new baby" arrives. She has docked and is busy with the customs at the moment. I seem to be holding my breath that she will arrive on time (by Friday the latest) The Statlers are coming here next week for a week, arriving on Sunday morning to help with the setting up and training, Still trying to come up with a name for the Gammill Supreme and Statler stitcher.
I have been mooching around in my studio lately feeling very unsettled, I have to start moving things around and changing and re-arranging a lot of things in order for her to fit in here comfortably.

So, pop into my webshots pages at and go to "community" "search" and look for me terrymow100. There are a number of albums, my quilts will be in Terrys quilting pages. my friends quilts, exhibitions and "quinglish days" quilts will be in my"Terry's friends" albums, family and friends and other will have their own albums so do pop in and browse.

I will probbably only pop in and write again after the "new baby" has arrived and settled in, so, till then.
Bye for now

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chaya said...

Welcome back. Looking forward to reading about "baby" first steps...