Thursday, July 26, 2007

Sadie my quilting lady is home

The "birthing" of Sadie n Statie,
Sadie has been safely delived into the studio, Russell enjoyed putting her together under Paul's instruction, I think he was just keen to get "Statie" the computer set up and eager to get that going to play with, he thoroughly enjoys playing with it now from time to time, I think I have a budding quilter in the making.
Natan enjoyed watching her grow up and is a very proud 'papa'. Paul Statler, was such a charming gentleman with endless patience even into the wee hours of the morning, when we were all ready to drop on our feet, with scrambled brains and aching muscles he was still ready to continue for another couple of hours, or so he said, it must have been the Jet lag.
Here are just a few pictures to show you all. Watching her grow up to her full size was quite awesome, she is no small baby and takes up most of the studio now, I have quite a lot of re-organizing to do to feel comfortable in here again.
I am please that I have invited 3 of my friends to come and learn with me, I don't feel so alone and it is great to have company while we learn together. She is the one and only quilting machine of her kind in the country, so I needed to start a group of my own here.
Zvia my friend and I are taking instructions from Paul during his very short but intense visit.
Now slowly we are starting to try everything again on our own and it's slow going, but we are making progress, working our way though it step by baby step and enjoy the moments when we figure things out and it works.

I have finally managed to get some order into the studio and yesterday sat down and actually managed to do some sewing. I have some quilts I really need to complete, a few more in my head that I need to make, no time to be bored.

I have a number of baby quilts we are making for charity that we can practise on, so far we have managed one that looks half way decent, and one that was a disaster as we tried to do it with a fleece backing the normal way, The quilting was great, it just all puckered up when it came off the machine and we had a good laugh, it's all part of the learning curve.
So, I guess you now know where to find me, I am either with Sadie n Statie or Bernie and friends, in the 'Movibear studio'.
Very seldom will you find me in the kitchen, TG my kids can cook and there are plenty of take away deli's close by.
Bye for now,
Till next time


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