Thursday, August 30, 2007

It has been a while

It has been a while since my last post, notwithstanding we have been travelling again.
We were in Potomac Maryland for the wedding of the daughter of special longstanding friends, that was a delightful wedding. We stayed with other wonderful new friends, and were made very welcome and comfortable in their home.
I managed to spend a day with Marty from Dogwood studios in Baltimore learning some more about how to use Sadie. I think, just by watching a pro. at work, one can learn a lot, sorry I am very lax with the camera, and forgot to take pics.
Since coming home We - (Zvia, Carol and myself) have managed to spend a few days working with Sadie and trying to get a baby quilt done, lets hope we can produce something not to disasterous, we will only really know when the quilt comes off the machine.
Oh, how I wish we were beyond this awful learning stage already, yes, I know we have to go through it, but I just wish we were well into knowing more, and I know we will get there EVENTUALLY.
I limit myself from playing with the machine till the times we are together, that frees me to still keep up with and do other things, lately I have been playing with my embroidery machine, making some hand towels with pretty baby animal pictures on for gifts for some new babies.
As well as teaching a dear friend how to quilt. she is 12 years old and is learning on all the equipment, tools and fabrics from her late grandmother, this is something special for her, and me to do together.
As well, I have two VIP barmitzvah quilts to make, one is in the process and need only the borders put on before the top is complete, and the other hasn't even been formed yet in my mind, stuggling to come up with something new, I guess I need to have a chat with the chap and get a feel from him, maybe that will help.
Other works in progress of course is the Chuppah, time for me to continue with it.

Oh I nearly forgot. I have recently had the pleasure of having friends over from the States. Susan came to visit her son who came to play professional baseball here in Israel for the summer, she joined him for the last two matches and a couple of weeks touring around the country. I took her one day to Tel Aviv and the charm of Old Jaffa, and then to lunch at my favourite vegetarian restaurant, before we walked Nachalat Benjamin, the textile center next to the market, where we ambled along as well, this was like being a tourist again. This was good for Susan ,who happens to be my friend who has been supplying me, for the last nine years or so with the most delicious collection of Japanese fabrics, one day PG we will manage to go with her to Japan as she takes tours there every year to coinside with the Japanese quilt festivals, as well as giving her groups an insight into their lifestyle, culture and more. Maybe one of these days I will even venture into actually using some of my collection, till I pass the stage of taking them out every now and then looking at them, stroking and sorting them and dreaming of what I would like to do with them one day.
Then also on Sunday I took them for a drive up north to Tiberius for lunch and a toe in the Sea of Galillee, then on to the charming and mystical city of Zfat. A friend took us around the artists quarters and even into her home for refreshements (always needed). We then walked around the artists quarters and along Trinket Ally before we felt absolutely wiped out, I think more from the heat than anything else, pity, it is always a delight to go up there, but will have to wait till it is cooler I'm afraid.
So now you know what's been keeping me busy over the last few weeks or so.
Till next time
Bye for now

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ROZ said...

Wonderful to see your post. Would like to see picture of the baby quilt some time. My grandson spent the summer in Israel with his youth group. Also took time to visit with family living near Tel Aviv.