Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Quinglish 2007

I recently held our Quinglish day at my home again during the festival of Succoth.
Here are some pictures of the quilts hanging on the fence.
The first and third quilts are mine, both for gifts for Barmitzvahs.

The quilt in the middle is Zvia's. These are yet unfinished.
The quilts in this picture are mostly the quilts made by Carol Smith for charity.
Here are more quilts from my quilting friends hanging on the fence.

Here is Zvia with a charming, recently completed quilt.

Hope you enjoy these.


I am off again on some more travels, this time to Boston, Massachusetts, Vermont and New Hampshire with DH. I am looking forward to showing him around some of the places I went to before with Keren in 2005. But now my focus has shifted from mostly quilting fabrics, to longarm machine quilting, doesn't mean I wont buy more fabics, possibly more threads and things for the machine. I am also looking forward to meeting new quilters along the way and catching up with some friends from previous travels.

At this point in time we are still very much practising on Sadie so there's nothing to show yet. We disconnected the belts and are trying our hand a some freemotion quilting in the constant speed mode, we tried the regulated mode and found it very difficult to do smoothe work.

We are all three of us used to the constant fast speed of quilting from our regular machines, now if we could only get to make some really nice smooth feather like linda V Taylor who always says

"If she can do it, so can we" well that will take us a lot more practise, practise practise.

So I have only a few days left to get on with it. One of these days I will post something that looks half way decent that we will make on the machine.

So, till we met again after this trip whe we get back in November,

Bye for now.


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