Monday, February 22, 2010

Whatever happened to 2008 and 2009

Wow, whatever happened to 2008 and 2009, certainly in my blogosphere I have been away for a helleva long time, too busy quilting, traveling, quilting, traveling marrying off our son, quilting, getting ready to marry off our daughter, traveling, quilting, you get the picture.
I have been away from blogging for a long time now, and I think it is time to get back to it.
The TV here is awful so I am spending more time on my MacBook Pro learning new things all the time.
Of course this is over and above my days spent in my studio.
Now that I am back from our 2009/10 vacation in South Africa and a short stop over in Australia to meet the new arrivals Gabi and Mia Mowszowski (sisters to Dan) born on the 18th January to Raffy and Mandy,and have started to re-settle back into the routine of home and into my studio again, there is quite a lot happening in there.
Zvia and Carol both have had a few quilts they have been working on and have been doing amazing stuff.
I need to get back into some piecing and quilting again but, it is forever the weekend and getting ready for another Shabbat and time just seems to be running away and I am having a hard time trying to catch up with it these days.
OK, enough grouching, time to move forward.
After a wonderful 2 months away from home, but still at home from home. some thing I have been working on.
While we were in Wilderness I managed to complete quite a lot of stuff.
I started by making these round jewelery travel pouches, and got quite carried away, I think I made at least a dozen of them. My friend Pam came to visit and took 6 back with her for her family, so I made some more. Gave one to my sister in law, and took some with when we went to Cape Town for the weekend. I was left with only two. which I gave one to Anna(new daughter in law) when we got back.
Also on the table was a lovely Aleph Bet quilt wall hanging in blues and golds,and a large fun scrappy quilt for the floor, took some pictures but for some reason the camera just did not flash, so whatever pictures I took then just did not come out great.
While still in Wilderness I needed a couple more baby quilts for some close friends having grandchildren, So I made a few more. I also managed another tote bag from some pale yellow japanese fabrics.
A fun quilt from a roll of fabrics I took with me to make from the book "Happy Hour" and at the moment I am putting together the quilt that comes about from the leftovers that is on my worktable at the moment. They will make great batmitzvah gifts. Also a Raffle quilt project I started last year. I took it with me in the hope of working on it , but it just seemed to get pushed further back with every other thing I was working on. It is actually working out better here at home as I have the design wall to put it on instead of crawling around the floor. It is all ready in a tray next to the sewing machine and the first 4 rows have been completed. At the same time as the strippy quilt which I hope to complete the top before I get to bed tonight.
I have to re-learn a few things here like how to post the pictures again then we will be fully back on track with a lot of catching up to do.
So till next time
Bye for now

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