Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Quilts for Benji project, Quiltathon

Just a handful of days left before the Launch of my new exciting project on Sunday 16th October 2011.
from 10am till 10pm, or till everyone has had enough, and think it's time to go home.
We will be cutting, and sewing quilts for the new, upcoming home for our "LONE SOLDIERS"
www.benjihillman.org  This project has captured my heart and it came to me that this is how best I personally can contribute to this wonderful project. What better way can we quilters give a hug of thanks to the brave and caring young men, who come from overseas, leaving family and friends behind, and vonlunteer to join our amazing, Israeli Army during these difficult times, to help keep our country, and it's people safe.

 I introduced this idea to my quilting friends and they too are as enthusiastic as me and are ready to join me. Everyone is busy sorting through their stashes of fabrics, finding interesting bits and pieces they can bring along all cut and ready to sew.
 Those that don't have stashes or sew, are also coming along, there is always something they can do, ironing, pressing, pinning, sorting, bringing tea and refreshments, a song and a dance, a joke or a story to tell, enthusiasm and fun will be the order of the day. 
We will take lots of pictures for the next time I blog about our day, and regular updates too. as this is an ongoing project till done.

SPONSORSHIP will be gladly appreciated, for anyone who would like to help us to achieve the goal of 50 quilts for 50 beds. (and more if we can).
www,pissott.co.il  has very generously offered to sponsor the backing fabrics per quilt for every 100 shekels spent at their shop for fabrics especially to make a "Quilt for Benji" project. 
 Sponsorship PER QUILT:
  @ 250 shekels,
&70 USA
$70 OZ
R540 SA
45 English pounds
50 Euro's
 or Cheques can be made out to:
P.O.Box 800
Ra'anana 43107

During the rest of the year, for anyone who would like to join me and the regular girls we will be meeting in the newly refurbished,(as in: son finally cleared his stuff out of his apartment and made way for me to move in with my stuff) downstairs studio on our regular Sunday Night Sew Inn's.
 I ha wonderful friends and family whom I love and adore, that have volunteered to help.  ALL WILL BE READY ON TIME (at least most it),  for.......
 A very big thank you to you all.
I am looking forward to a wonderful year ahead.
Stay tuned,
 Till next time
Take care

During my evening of writing this blog, the release of GILAD SHALIT is being negotiated.
My this young man be home in time for Succoth, in the arms of his amazing family. and may this never happen again to anyone.
But what A price we have to pay for peace, if there will ever be such a thing when dealing with such evil. We just have to pray that it will not happen.
May "H" bless them (our combat soldiers) and Keep them( All our soldiers) safe. till we merit peace in our time (everyone).

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Ruth Rurka said...

This is an amazing project and everyone at The Benji Hillman Foundation is delighted that it is being launched this coming Sunday (16.10.2011) Thankyou to all involved- particularly Terry who created Quilts for Benji & is facilitating the project. Re your note about Gilad Shalit-let all the final negotiations be speedily arranged and bring him home to his loving family.Ruth (information@benjihillman.org)