Saturday, September 24, 2011

Time to update.

Time to update,
there is a soo much happening, I need to start somewhere. So I will start this new section off with telling you a bit about our recent trip to London and France.
It was the European Quilt Festival in Ste Marie Aux Mines, Alsace, Lorraine, France, near Strasbourg. Israel was one of the guest countries highlighted this year.
Two of my pieces went to the show,this was extremely exciting for me as I have not really exhibited much, only just recently starting to get the confidence to show my work. Hubby suggested we go along, there was no way I was going to so no to this wonderful opportunity. So, we went.
We started off in London seeing as we have a family apartment there and it is familiar ground. we took the Euro Express to Paris and from there another train to Strasbourg. On Thursday 15th September we drove to the Area of St Marie Aux Mines about an hour away. There are a few towns along that road that were hosting the show at various venues, the first stop was the one the Israeli Exhibit was held, so the first quilts we saw were our own, and the first quilt to see was mine. My Chuppah (Marriage canopy) was the first to see as everyone needed to walk under it to get to the rest of the display.

Hubby enjoyed standing under it and watching the visitors and listening to the comments, so while I continued looking at the rest of the exhibit he stayed put for awhile. 

 It was really nice to see everyone taking pictures and admiring the works, especially sweet. was seeing the school kids and their teachers explaining and talking about quilting, they all seemed to enjoy seeing the textures, colors, and designs, hoping up and down pointing and generally enjoying themselves on this outing.
 My other quilt is this on called "Spring is in the Air" It started out as a challenge for me to use the ugliest fabrics in my stash, which, when adding the white made them stand out like jewels, then into each white circle I embroidered a different butterfly, and one bird, all the while singing the song in my head to the tune of "Love is in the Air", so it was named. It was also exhibited in Jerusalem last year in an exhibition called "Spring". That was the second time that I had entered a quilt for show.
There's me... ta da.

 This was the hall our exhibit was in, these banners were outside each venue so it was easy to  spot where to go.
 Here is a view of the part of the streets of Ste Marie Aux Mines, So very quaint and charming. The weather was just perfect for such a day.
At the end of the day I realized I had not taken nearly as many pictures as I would have liked, there will be more coming of the quilts from of my friends and a few more from some of the other exhibits. I am sure that anyone who would like to know more about this event can google it and will be able to see more than what I have. There was just so much to see .
At the end of the day we went back to Strasbourg, we were dog tired from all the walking around, and our heads were filled with all we had seen. it was great, but, we had seen and done what we needed to and decided to return to london the next day.

Back in London on our second last day, we took ourselves off to a shop we haven't been to in a long time "The Quilt Room" in Dorking, home of the Jelly Roll, and I filled my hand luggage, wheely bag, to the brim, in anticipation of the next exciting BIG project I have planned, starting next month.
I will be blogging about it.
A Hint... 50 quilts for 50 one year. Starting on October 16th with a QUILT-A-THON.
So, stay tuned for more on this exciting project. The who for, what for and why for.
Till next time
Bye for now

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