Thursday, September 12, 2013

What's happening in the Studio


Quite a lot has been going on over the last few months, as you can see I have not been blogging much, just busy with life and spending a lot of time in the studio whenever I can.

New project "Quilts for Operation Embrace" is moving along very slowly, we received a nice parcel from our friends in the USA of donations of unfinished quilt tops,  and some fabrics from a couple of stores, thesewill certainly be a big help. We are wading our way though them making them nice and quilting them. So far we have about 25 quilts completed with another 5 or so in their final stages. Aviva Tessler was here recently and thanks to a generous donation we have been able to cover some costs for batting for a lot of these quilts. We look forward to more donations made to Operation Embrace for us in order to complete as many quilts as we can. We are also going to start making labels for them so Donors will have their names on a quilt. below are some pictures of some of the quilts we have managed to complete so far.

Donated top, quilted by me
Close up

donated top completed by me.

Closeup of butterfly quilting

Made and quilted by me from a layer cake

Closeup of the circles

Made and quilted by me from a layer cake

Close up

Donated top quilted by me.

Dragonfly quilting

Fabric donated, made and quilted by me with green chilli peppers quilting

I will download more pictures soon of more quilts we have managed to complete.



We are working on a special project to eventually assist a community of Ethiopian emigrants who will be specially selected, to teach them how to make quilts and quilted quality items to sell in the local and international market in order for them to become self sufficient.  This of course is going to take a long time in the planning, and fundraising to get it off the ground and into a working production. At the moment we are still just talking to a LOT of interested people who, we hope will be beneficial to us in getting it up and running. This is something totally new to me and will certainly be an experience of exceptional learning, interest and inspiration. so, with a little help from, the friendly folk around the world and a lot of help from the Almighty above, we hope and pray that this will be something special for a whole lot of people and the beginning of a new life for many.
I will keep you all posted along the way.

Some quilts I have recently made for friends and special events
from a layer cake for a baby gift

 A Happy Hour quilt for a wedding gift
the leftovers went to make another wedding gift (below)with a musical theme quilting.

This quilt will be raffled as a fundraiser for our local Netball team 

This is a quilt made from the Jewelbox Gems rulers from Phillipsfibrearts,
 As well as this Gem quilt from the same rulers.

This was from a Kit I purchased a while ago, 

This quilt was made for Raffle to raise funds for our Ethiopian Quilt project.

My personal trainer loves everything black and white and shades of grey, this is for her as a thank you for the many hours we spend together, two closeups follow.

More pictures to follow and there will also be more picture from the "other" passion of mine ....(Grandkids)

Till next time
Take care
Te xxx

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