Sunday, February 15, 2015

Facebook Art Challenge

day 1.

I was recently invited to post pictures on facebook as there is this "Art Challenge" going around, three posts a day for 5 days., I accepted,(something I don't normally do). here are the posts and their explanations:

This was a wedding gift I recently made for my daughter's sister in law, Stacy and Mica. I was from two jelly rolls and I made it up as I went along, was not sure how it would turn out. I used up every bit of the fabrics I could in order to make it larger, and all the extra pieces went into the borders. I loved how it turned out, it has a clean colorful, modern look about it. This quilt lives in London

This beauty was gifted to my son and daughter in law Russell and Anna as their wedding gift. The original pattern was from an Australian magazine and I bought the kit of oriental prints. This was made on one of my holidays in Wilderness South Africa. It took two weeks to piece. My fondest memory is of Natan on his hands and knees removing all the sticky labels. This quilt lives in Israel.

This quilt was my own design, it is also a gifted wedding present. The bride had just become an architect.  I was into the cubism stage at that time hence this quilt. It is mirror imaged and reversed. I had a lot of fun trying different ways to set it out, and used up all the leftovers in the border. Another vacation quilt. This quilt lives in South Africa.

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