Monday, February 16, 2015

Art Challenge day 4 and day 5


Trying to get everything the same as on the Facebook page has proven to be impossible, so here are all the last few pictures together.

 Meet Bernice and Keren bear, these two bears now reside with me, and named after two of my closest and dearest friends. Most of the Movibears are named after my friends and family.

This quilt is called "Anita's Arrowhead", designed by my friend Anita Grossman Solomon, It grew and grew. a great quilt for all those scraps, did I really think it would made a dent in my stash Huh! where from.....
Another quilt made for a wedding gift  for a family member, this quilt resides in Sydney Australia with my niece.

This quilt uses a packet of 10inch squares from my Japanese collection which I love.


This charming quilt uses a folding technique in order to create the curved look, and was gifted to my daughter.

This colorful star quilt was also mode on my vacation  and is large enough to be a chuppah too. It is madewith many batik fabrics, the pattern was bought for me by a friend, and another friend helped lay out the stars, it is my "Friendship Star quilt"

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Unknown said...

I love the stars!!! Could you please share the pattern? Thanks!