Thursday, January 5, 2017



Tis beauty was a Kit purchased a few years ago on a trip to USA
completed at the beginning of the year. It hangs in the
Studio during Spring.

This quilt now resides over the back of the living room couch
a jelly roll quilt.

Started on vacation at the end of December 2015
 completed early in the year

Saw this pattern and loved it, made it for a gift for our lady
Mariya, who looks after Mum.

Closeup of the quilting

Leftovers from the previous quilt,
I never throw away the cut off  corners.
now I just need to finish it up.

A one fabric quilt pattern with background

Layout of the quilting patterns I used in the(very) PINK quilt

Our beloved Rabbi, fell ill so we made him a
comfort quilt with lots of good wishes

Dearest Rabbi, Your memory is a blessing to us all
our hearts are saddened by your loss.

Last years birthday gift for my Sister in law.
Foundation pieced, twas fun to do for a change.

A new baby nephew residing in Australia,
a gift for you, a quilt and utility box

not a great picture but a great quilt. My Clam shell quilt from a
magazine loved making it took ages but well worth the time.
machine pieced but constructed by hand.
 (Thanks to those babysitting hours.)

Lots of charms, quilt made for a wedding gift.
I thought I had made a dent in my stash ???

Another Quilt for Benji's house, they added on another floor,
 more quilts for our lone soldiers.

Made and donated to Benji's house for lone soldiers.

Thank you Julie from Jaybird Quilts for this beautiful pattern, loved making this stunning quilt.

Another comfort quilt made for a lovely lady,
May she rest in peace

a new pattern from a fabric company, found this
fabric of Australian wildflowers, it was perfect.

Now I have to quilt this baby.
Lots of patterns to chose from as the blocks are nice
and big.

Last but not least a quilt for Hubby, a mistake gone right.
so, don't ask me how I did it, I can't remember.
A layer cake pattern
from Jenny Doan originally,
 then some playing around with cutting and turning.

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