Saturday, February 11, 2017

February 2017 quilts show and tell

Ednas quilt

Closeup of Edna's quilt

Pnina's quilt

Close up of Pnina's quilting

Herriette's first quilt

Close up of Terry's quilting

Herriettes second quilt

With a modern appliqued back

Closeup of Terry's quilting

Sara O's quilt

Close up of Zvia's quilting

Sara O's two table runners

Keren's book shelf quilt

Closeup of Kerens quilting and embroidered book titiles.

Kerens disappearing ninepatch quilt

Carol's Wedding gift quilt

Back of the quilt showing Carols quilting 

charity quilt completed by Carol

Charity quilt completed by Carol

Carols daughters quilt finally completed by Carol.

Charity quilt completed by Carol.

Chain links by Zvia

Back of Zvia's quilt

Terry's Jelly Roll quilt 

Terry quilt 2

quilting from the back of Terry's quilt 1 by terry

Terry's quilt 3 
Closeup of terry's quilting
Terry's quilt 4 completed top only

Marlyn's quilt

Closeup of Marlyns quilt showing the finished block that she
demonstrated to us.

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