Monday, April 16, 2007

Holocaust Memorial day

Today was Holocaust memorial day,
This morning at our Shul here we had a small ceremony which we have every year. We have guests who speak about their survival during the war. This year we had two young kids who have just retruned from a visit to poland on the anual "March of the living" of which I have been on in 1988. We have a couple of young boys who play their violins beautifully to music related to the ceremony. and we invite 6 people to each light a candle in memory of family lost during the war. One of our members is very active in trying to locate the whereabouts of Raul Wallenberg a famous man for assisting Jews during this terrible time. and, as always completing the ceremony with Hatikvah. at 10.00am there is a siren that peals out across the whole of Israel for about 2 minutes and the whole country comes to a standstill, cars, busses people in the street or whever they happen to be stop, get out of their vehicle and stand silently, head bowed in rememberance. this is a very moving sight to see and experience, it always evokes emotion.
All or most TV coverage is on or about people who have lived through this experiance and films sho like "Sophies Choice" Schindlers List" and others. People telling their personal stories and historical footage. the rest of the TV here is closed for the whole day. except for the news channels.

Other than that I have finally found a new project to do. A very pretty applique floral "Stained glass" effect using very large floral print fabrics and cut out, iron on applique on a black background. So far I have completed the first part and now all my 20 blocks are ready for stitching. This is from a kit called "Diane's Garden" by "Details by Diane" I bought it in Houston at the last Quilt festival in November last year by justf or such a time as when I had nothing else planned to do urgently. So, now I will spend less time on the computer.
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Marlyn Butchins said...

Mazaltov on starting your blog. I am very in favor of keeping a journal as we tend to forget things so quickly! I will certainly pop in again.
Much Love,