Saturday, April 21, 2007

What's on my design wall today, I have just completed appliqueing these 20 flowers using beautiful variageted threads and a very small machine blanket stitch. Also these exotic large flower prints are just so gorgeous to use. This is the second quilt I am making using these flowers.

These are from a kit called Diane's Garden by fell in love with it a Quilt festival Houston this last November. I am thinking about using the for the outer frill part of a Chuppah cover and making something with a stained glass magen Daved Star with applique on the main body of the cover. I hope black is OK to use for this purpose instead of the traditional white, this is just a thought at this stage, so, I will probably put these lovely flowers away for now till I can think more cleary on this idea.
I have been invitedto teach at the next Israeli summer workshops, now, what am I going to do about that. i think I will just do what I did last time and use the "Pyamids plus" it has been a few years since I tought this technique so I am sure there are new people who don't know it. Just hope I can get more of thesebooks and that they are not out of print from
that's all for today, just off to help Russ embroider his "logo" onto his jeans (he loves doing things likethat)
Bye for now


Maggie said...

I fell in love with your quilt you are presently working on and went to her site to order one. Where does she ship from USA or other? Those colors & shades are beautiful. Did you make your other one on black squares or some other color? I think they pop on the black. I am teaching myself to quilt and am finishing my first quilt which is for one of my granddaughters. I really enjoyed visiting your blog and had already typed a response but couldn't post it as I didn't have an account. I have "Google" on with my Road Runner browser but I couldn't find where I had an account. I will come back to visit your blog and see if you have posted any pictures of the finished quilt and also your sewing-teaching room. Maggie L. in West Columbia, SC USA

MoviBear said...

Hello Maggie,
Welcome to my blog. I will post a completed top very soon just waiting for my camera to recharge.
I bought the kit at the Houston quilt festival this last fall, So I really have no idea about where she posts from.
OK I will take some pictures of the studio.
Good luck with you first quilt, no matter what you do, your granddaughter will love it.