Sunday, April 15, 2007

This is me, Taken in 2001 shortly after we moved into our present home and with my very own studio which I have called "Movibear Studio" and have a very pretty wooden sign outside my door made by my friend Jocelyn. It is a picture of a teddybear holding a patchwork quilt.
This is my very first posting and the beginning of my blog pages. I hope along the way you will enjoy the things I do and the places we go. I will continue to upgrade as and when something is in the process. I have a few things that are WIP and a commission to make a Chuppah for our Shul as they are in the process of writing a new Sefer Torah and have commissionedme to make the chuppah for Next year Simchat Torah. I am quite excited by this and have some wonderful ideas, it is now a matter of chosing the right one and getting the process off the ground.
I have 2 very lovely special gifts also in progress one is a special gift for a special sister in law, and the otheris a wedding gift for a special nephew and his lovely new bride. Both reside in Sydney Australia. The tops are completed but I am just not physically able to quilt these quilts the normal way on a regular home sewing machine any more, so I will take them with me to Australia where we will be going in May for a batmitzvah and have organised to have them quilted there, Until such time as I can use my very own quilting machine (wish list) I will only update their pictures when they are complete.
That's all for this my very first blog page.
Till next time


Nancy L. said...

Hi Terry,
I liked your new blog. I espedially liked seeing your picture and putting a face to a name. Hope you finally got to have lunch with your friend. Keep on blogging and I'll keep on reading. Yours, Nancy L in Rochester, NY

Keren D. said...

Come on, Terry. You are much prettier than that picture! I should know, because nothing could brighten anyone's day more than seeing your face. To all the other readers, Terry's Hebrew name is Tovah, and she really IS!

This has been a completely unbiased posting from Keren in Chicago, formerly of Ra'anana.

jeri turkel said...

How do you have time to write all those things? I liked the picture of you and Natan. I didn't know your Hebrew name is Tovah. So is mine. May see you at the ceremony for fallen soldiers tonight. Jeri T. from Rannana