Monday, April 30, 2007

Last Friday afternoon I went with my friend to the home of her late mother who passed away a couple of months ago, in order that I would collect all her quilting/sewing stuff. I brought it all home with me and have just dumped it all in the "Teddy room" for now. I need to start sorting everything out, in order to see what we can do with it all. Besides completing the quilts she has started and any other item like crochet'd squares which have gone to someone else to complete.
All her patterns and books need to be sorted out, threads, fabrics books and notions etc.,
I hope to get stuck into some of this tomorrow seeing as how my machine fixer man came today and took away three of my machines for service and check ups. so I will take a (small) break from sewing in order to sort all this stuff out.
We have a quilting meeting tomorrow night and maybe I will take some of the stuff along there and see if the girls want anything.
Her machines and quilting cotton fabrics I will keep and hopefully some time in the summer I will teach her granddaughter how to quilt. It will be her batmitzvah in August and I think this will just be something she will enjoy, especially using her beloved grandmothers machine and fabics. I am sure we will have a good time together doing this.
It was back to the card table this afternoon, together with my card playing friends. We play Kalooki every Monday afternoon, something different to do other than spend ALL my time in the studio, I must admit, I enjoy the break. Next Monday I think it will my turn to host the cards and make something good for tea.
That's it for today,
bye for now.

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