Wednesday, April 25, 2007

It's been a few days since my last post, busy times. It was Yom Ha Zikaron (rememberance day for the fallen soldiers of the State of Israel from the beginning till today) then came Yom Ha Atsmaut. Independance Day, the one and only "Sunday" of the year at least here in Israel.
As usual, we had our Israeli dinner here at home with just a few friends over for the Shwarma/flalfel/pita party and some good hearty patriotic singing followed by watermelon, icecream and chocolate cake, I forgot to even take my camera up to take pics but you can imagine it anyway.
Picnic braai (barbeque for the non South Africans) with more friends and of course more Israeli songs. But for us as a group of friends this is also a very sad as recently one of our very dear beloved friends died after living in a coma for about 18 months, he had the sweetest voice that anyone could imagine being a chazan(cantor) and a lover of music and Israel in general, as his wife and our beloved Pam said " a light has been taken out of this world, we will sorely miss it" This was a day that he loved best of all as most of us do, so it will be a day that we miss him most of all too.
So as you can imagine not much got done in the studio.
Now I am working on the Chuppah for our shul, so one of these days I will post a picture of "what's on the design wall" when it is closer to being something more than just bits n pieces. And of course I want to complete those lovely flowers as well, so - till next time
Bye for now.

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