Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ok, I am slowly starting to get used to this, it's all new to me. Hopefully I will start to find out how this all works and get into the right circle. I have managed to upload some of my new pictures into my webshots pages wich can be found on the community pages of and my user name is terrymow100, I have quite a few albums with lots of quilts, and my quilting friends quilts, my teddy bears, friends and family and places we have been to and go to regularly.
I have been at this computer all day and not managed to do a stitch of sewing, maybe because I am inbetween projects right now and need to buckle down and start something new, although there are always the UFO's to complete.
Would love to hear from fellow quilters/teddy bear makers from around the world, so do pop in and say Hi, I am very friendly
Bye for now

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