Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Today was one of "Those" days, we made a date for lunch with friends, got there, waited, they never came, left cell phone at home charging, left their number at home as well. decided to eat lunch anyway came home to check if there were any messages, none, checked my diary. Date is for tomorrow.... ok we made another time and place. such a "blonde" thing to do and I'm not a blonde.

Managed to make a lovely challa cover for a friend who wants to give a gift for a batmitzvah present, very young design, my usual star with fun magen david fabrics, then I used silver fabric glue and made more stars all around.
Ok just posted the picture, still need more practice doing this and getting it in the right place.
Now it is time or me to go and start appliqueing my roses. that's all for today
Bye for now

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