Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Today was a "nothing special kinda day. gym in the morning with a good walkabout, Zvia was teaching here in the studio, went out to lunch and got it right this time, there are some very nice new restaurants coming up in our little town these days as well as some new shops, it has been a while since I went walkabout up Ahuza street. One new little shop is a crafty place. They have all pre made ceramics made up, chose one and sit and paint it yourself, they do the firing and you have your very own handwork gift to give away or keep for yourself very nice, hope it lasts. it is also next to a very lovely kitchen shop called "Taste" with modern and very nice everything to do in the kitchen stuff ,and they have demonstrations going on all the time. Took one a while ago in English on healthy cooking, funny, I still cook the same as I always have.

Came home after lunch, felt sleepy while on the computer and promptly fell asleep on the bed in the Teddy's room. but before I ramble on in another direction, I did manage to applique a few more flowers out of the 20 I need to complete and managed to do my supermarket shopping. Again picture in the wrong place, should be next to this paragraph, nevermind For those who don't know me, All the teddies in the cabinet I made (and more) teddy on the chair is Douglass. This word is a play on the hebrew word for "fish" dug - as he is a copy of a Kodiak (baby) bear mostly in Canada who fish for salmon, but my poor bear doesn't have and fish therefore ("dug-less) he is one of my bigger bears who now resides in my bedroom with all the big bears. On the left of the picture are all the bears given to me or I have bought.
This room is in my studio apartment and is sometimes used to host guests (of which we have lots) but it is not the only room we have for guests.
My studio is an apartment on the first floor of our apartment building, on this floor also is Hubby's office apartment across the hall, very useful for those photocopies I need to make of all sorts of things and to have hubby close by for all those financial questions I have to ask him from time to time like how much must I charge in Shekels if I paid X dollars., or how about we go out for lunch today I have been too busy in the studio to do anything about it, stuff like that.
We live on the second floor where we eat, sleep and entertain. The kids apartments are on the ground floor, Russell still uses his when he is home for the weekend from University, and Jaqui's is the one we now use for the guests, she has her own place now in Tel Aviv.
Our secret hiding place is on the 3rd floor. shh don't tell anyone my swimming pool is there where I go for my chunky dunk in the middle of the night and to cool off in the middle of the day (in summer only of course).
Natan has his big screen TV for all those sports events he like to watch with all his friends in the TV room and finally "The big suite", a lovely large guests room that looks like a swiss Chalet on suite and can sleep LOTS of people.
I just checked out the pics that I was looking for, but they are all outdated so in the next few days I will take new pics of our home and post them up for you to see.
But, thats for another day
Till then
Bye for now

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