Friday, April 20, 2007

Ok here is a new picture of me with my beloved DH Nuts, this one is for you K hope you like it. Most of the time I am the one behind the camera not infront of it and I am always with someone else.This you realize has taken me about an hour to get to where its at. I keep pushing the wrong buttons, closing it when It should stay open, losing the pictures to somewhere else, now I seem to have put a few pictures in a place I can easily get to so I will try and download some more for this blog. In the meantime I am not having much success with this it just doesn't seem to want to do what I tell it to, so, I will save this as a draft and do it again when I have calmed down and not so frustrated with this. OK with a little help from Russ n Anna finally got this picture in. Keren... enjoy. this is a great picture of the both of us with lots of fun memories to go with it. Just a few more tips n hints and hopefully soon I will be able to do this on my own.

Managed to complete my flowers, but it is getting late and I have to go everything ready for Shabbat with a littlehelp from Russ n Anna.

Bye for now


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