Sunday, April 29, 2007

Today is a sad day for my friend Keren. It was her beloved dog Perach's last day. I found this picture of us having a great time in the snow, this was something new for me being an "African" we had a good laugh and Perach got cold paws.

I too have treasured memories of life with Perach, when she came and slept on my feet or snuggled with me on the couch Shabbat afternoon reading quilting magazines (what else could we do) sitting on the bench in the middle of the night outside Beit Ha Noah on Ahuza street. watching her as a pup in Kochav Yair. I felt for you and Noam and the family all day today knowing what you were going through having been through this with our beloved "kitty". But it is such a relief when it is over and we know our pets are out of their misery and pain.

Enjoy her memories.

I have been sewing like crazy today, managed to complete 36 stars and 60 triangle fill ins for the center of the chuppah. need only 34 more fill ins for the outer edge of the center, when it is all in place I will take a picture and post it up.

Tomorrow we play cards again monday Kalookie has been on hold for awhile due to some of us travelling girls, now we are all home for a while so we can get a few weeks worth in.

That's all for today

Till next time.

Bye or now


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